Status Pages to Keep Your Customers Informed at All Times

Having your customers or employees informed proactively about pending issues with your website, webshop or platform will save your organization a lot of time.

Dealing with Outages

The unfortunate truth is that every business will have to deal with a certain amount of outages each year. Besides yourself being aware as soon as possible, it is also important to inform your customers or employees about pending issues.

This prevents spending a lot of time on questions, calls, messages that will be sent within the organization or to your customer service after customers or employees find out they can't do what they would like to do.

In my more than 20 years experience as a hosting provider & consultant, I have supported a lot of businesses after suffering from critical outages on their webshops, websites or platforms.

Besides the fact that most businesses are not aware of issues in the first place, informing their end users or own employees after they have a confirmed issue is also something most businesses won't do.

From experiences where i have offered my support to deal with my customers outages, almost every time I got multiple requests from different people within the same organization about that something is not reachable or giving them issues.

Monitoring & Notifying

Every business can save them a lot of time and money making sure that the right people are informed about the issue in the first place. Monitoring all of your infrastructure, setting up alerts to get all the right people notified is a good start in the right direction.

After you are aware of the issue and the scale of it, you can decide if you would let your customers or employees know about it. We advise to inform on every issue occurring, even if it just a short one.

EyeMonit was born

All these years we questioned why almost every business had nothing in place to make sure they were aware immediately of a (potential) issue. Besides unfamiliar with monitoring software at all, the high costs involved and the lack of technical knowledge were one of the most heard reasons for not being aware earlier of these issues.

That is why we started a service that offers fair & affordable monitoring for every business that is easy to use.

EyeMonit offers the following main features:

  • Uptime monitoring - Simply know first when your website is unreachable
  • Status Pages - Let your end-users (publicly) or your staff (privately) know what is going on
  • Domain & SSL Certificate Monitoring - Get a reminder to renew your SSL security certificate or domain if someone forgets
  • Performance Monitoring - View any potential bottlenecks for example at peak hours that is preventing large amounts of visitors in the future

Currently EyeMonit is in a beta state, which means that we are adding lots of new functionality within the next couple of weeks and months. But also that there can be bugs when using our system.

EyeMonit soon will offer the following features as well:

  • DNS monitoring - Be aware of any technical changes to your business domain
  • Broken Page Detection - Get notified on any issue on your website, like a broken link or error page
  • E-mail Monitoring - Tests your full flow of e-mails, to be sure that no e-mail gets lots with receiving or sending
  • HeartBeat/CRON - Know directly when a backup or critical process fails to run
  • Real User Monitoring - Shows insights in how visitors view and use your website

With EyeMonit we feel that we offer a simple solution for every business to be aware of any issues before you get complaints from your customers or employees so you can be proactive in informing them. That is why you only have to pay for what you use, with a minimum of 10 EUR/USD per month, so how big or small your business currently is, we have you covered.


With our platform there is no reason as a business owner or manager to be unaware of issues with your webshop or website.

You can try it for free for 30 days (no credit card required).


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